Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bestest, most fabulous

I had one of the bestest, most fabulous days with the little nugget!

We ventured to the zoo bright and early to meet with our mommy group for a bear tour.

Nugget did really good walking along with the group and was having a blast!

After the tour we played around at the lagoon;
 watching ducks, turtles and koi fish before leaving the zoo.

Nugget had a hoot running back and forth across the bridge!

bridge at lagoon

After nugget's nap we met up with our friends at Balboa Park for residents free Tuesday.
We decided to check out the Natural History Museum.

The chocolate exhibit was delicious fascinating!

We also explored the horse exhibit and some of the dinosaur bones.

Once again, nugget did a great job walking around... I only needed to chase after her a few times ;)

I love the days when we can explore our world together.

1 comment:

  1. Elli is so absolutely adorable!! I miss her!

    AND I want to go to the chocolate exhibit... although you may never get me out of there.