Sunday, January 13, 2013

Best of... (Oct-Dec)


Nugget started facing forward in her new car seat, while enjoying reading books!

She discovered flowers in our yard, and our neighbors yard...

and everywhere else! She loves to smell them!

The nugget also discovered the joys of carrying around {anything} that she could put "stuff" into...

 {i.e. sand in buckets at the beach}

The end of October brought Auntie Mel's baby shower, 
which enabled Nugget to play with Nana, 

and Auntie "mama to be".

 For Halloween, Nugget enjoyed the BOO parade, dancing and running into the street,

and had a HOOT trick or treating!


Nugget enjoyed her first museum trip at the Natural History Museum. She visited the chocolate display and the horse display, among a few others. 

She spent time with her {step} cousins in Temecula, so much play that she was very worn out!

The nugget always has a ball at toddler class, 

and enjoyed being able to snack off mommy's Thanksgiving food at the Beckman's.

She jumped, bounced, and climbed her way through a rock-n-tumbles class, 

and became a cousin to Hallie

whilst being babysat by her G&G Young, 

so the hubs and I could celebrate his President's club achievement in Las Vegas.


The nugget was able to meet her cousin for the first time!

She explored at Birch Aquarium and really enjoyed touching a sea cucumber and starfish.

She spent time with her buddy, playing in Balboa Park, 

and ran around in her track suit.

December nights brought the nugget her first carousel ride, which she loved!

 The nugget created painted Christmas cards in toddler class, and thoroughly enjoyed the art.

Meeting Santa at the La Mesa holiday parade was not as fun as...

listening to the carolers and seeing loud trucks.

As long as the nugget has something to snack on, 
she tolerates the jogging stroller while mommy runs.

Jungle Bells at the zoo was fantastic and full of wonderful holiday lights.

Thanks to Nana, we now have a play kitchen that provides much entertainment, 

along with a new music set from the hubs.

Nugget spending quality time with Nana.

 It has been fun reminiscing through 2012, and thinking of how the Nugget has grown.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Best of... (July-Sept)

A look back at 2012 as this busy year comes to an end...

The nugget discovered the joy of eating batter!

She also attended a rooftop party in Ocean Beach.

The nugget had one of her besties, Olivia, visit for a week!

She colored with crayons for the first time.


The nugget really got into Skype. She played blocks with Nana, halfway across the nation.

As a yogurt lover, it only seemed fitting this would be the first food she would feed herself. Yes, some did make it into her mouth! ;)

A new passion erupted with the spice cabinet, to this day, we still find her organizing spices, and wanting to add it to our cooking.

"Cloud dough" became a fun pass time on those hot, summer days.


A big month for nugget acrobats and goofiness...

with the biggest feat of all....

Nana and Papa came to town to babysit for nugget's first overnight without the hubs or I!

The nugget also enjoyed waking up in her crib, bouncing and walking on her mattress!

One last recap of the year left! Stay tuned...

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Best of... (April-June)

A look back at 2012 as this busy year comes to an end...


Because Nugget enjoys playing outside, there was a lot of time spent at Lake Murray.

We discovered how much fun a park can be!

Climbing through tunnels at baby sign class always provided a good time.
Nana and Auntie came for a visit, 

and nugget found out she would have a cousin!

The nugget also learned how to crawl up stairs!

She also helped her mommy and daddy celebrate their 2 year wedding anniversary!


Nugget enjoyed "sorting" her clothes.

Playing outside in her PJ's,

crawling through the grass at the park,

and continued her passion for swinging!

Muffins became a huge staple in this little one's diet!


The nugget started pointing at everything!

Excitedly expanded her eating horizon.

Played with Grandpa Eric.

The nugget
(best day ever!!! Ate a WHOLE cupcake!!!)

Lots of playing in the dirt...

and water.

She also enjoyed making faces at her self!