Thursday, January 3, 2013

Best of... (April-June)

A look back at 2012 as this busy year comes to an end...


Because Nugget enjoys playing outside, there was a lot of time spent at Lake Murray.

We discovered how much fun a park can be!

Climbing through tunnels at baby sign class always provided a good time.
Nana and Auntie came for a visit, 

and nugget found out she would have a cousin!

The nugget also learned how to crawl up stairs!

She also helped her mommy and daddy celebrate their 2 year wedding anniversary!


Nugget enjoyed "sorting" her clothes.

Playing outside in her PJ's,

crawling through the grass at the park,

and continued her passion for swinging!

Muffins became a huge staple in this little one's diet!


The nugget started pointing at everything!

Excitedly expanded her eating horizon.

Played with Grandpa Eric.

The nugget
(best day ever!!! Ate a WHOLE cupcake!!!)

Lots of playing in the dirt...

and water.

She also enjoyed making faces at her self!

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