Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Berry Smooth

I decided that having more "nutritional" smoothies in my life would be beneficial to my womankind.

(plus I need to get me those F & V's!)

I heard a rumor that putting spinach in a smoothie was a grand idea. Plus you know, spinach has the goods...

the goods (source)
For more spinach info check this out.

Back to the smoothie.

It was deliciously scrumptious! 

note: these are very precise measurements

handful frozen berries (strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, blueberry mix)
handful fresh spinach
half a banana, sliced.
TBSP half/half
TBSP water

Blend until smooth. 

my SDBW taster glass, fitting right?

Pour into your favorite glass.

I am looking forward to trying some other smoothie recipes soon.
Like this one and this one.

Do you have any amazing recipes I should try?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trail fail prevail

My awesome photography skills, thanks Instagram!

This months San Diego magazine features some awesome trails {many of which} I have yet to try.

So being that the nugget and I were venturing to La Jolla anyways... we decided to check one out.

The directions led us right to the path which was pretty tucked away. You would really have to look for it or know it was there (hello locals path!) 

The start of Ocean Path looking North

Looking at the path's start
We walked about 10 feet and discovered the path narrowed, and BOB didn't like that.

So we snapped a few pictures...
Looking at La Jolla Shores
See the kayakers(orange blobs)?!
The hubs and I kayaked this area a couple years ago!

The trail start looked amazing and we will definitely head back with the nugget in her carrier to explore more. 

So, waste not a day in La Jolla, nugget and I headed to the park for some play time.

Nugget snacked on some sweet potatoes.

We then stopped at Whole Foods (which $ helped $ remind $ me $ why $ I $ don't $ shop $ there). 
And a quick sweet tooth stop...

"I'll take one of each!"

The nugget was poopered out after our day...

So nugget napped...
while I snacked.

Monday, March 19, 2012

and it rained...

and it rained...
           and it rained...

It started raining Friday night when I stopped by Vons to pick up some coffee...

5 bucks a bag!! (Friday only)
That log of Tillamook was 5.99!

The wet continued through Saturday (St. Pat's Day)

Nugget didn't mind missing the parade

Watching the backyard become as green as Ireland

shamrock craft #1

shamrock craft #2

shamrock craft #3.... oh wait.. ;)

{more} Rain, Hail (!), and WIND drenched us on Sunday...

mourning morning run:
4.24 mi
This run I experienced rain, HAIL (!), high winds, and sun.
About 3 miles in I felt like my body had nothing left(maybe I need to fuel better??), I had the urge to walk the rest of the way home, but I pushed myself and ran it
{I refueled with chocolate milk and felt way better} 

HAIL! (not my hand... or picture) (source) 
"It's still raining???"

and (you guessed it) a slow steady drizzle of wet leaked through to Monday!

Nugget and I snuck outside between drops to snap some pics...

Believe it or not, as I'm writing this the rain has stopped...
here's to a dry day tomorrow!

Friday, March 16, 2012

fueled by chocolate

I ran. I mixed. I drank.

Chocolate milk that is.

Me (refueling with chocolate milk) and YM.(yellow microwave)

Say wwhhhhhaaatt?!?!

Apparently chocolate milk is a great way to refuel after a run.

I only recently discovered this fabulous news.

I had read about it on one of my favorite blogs, and wrote her this question:

I'm just learning about this chocolate milk thing to refuel ( I must live in a cave). Is there a certain kind of choc milk? Intrigued...

HRG response:
The best type of chocolate milk is low fat, so 1%. We buy the milk and mix it with hershey's syrup...it is cheaper that way:) We first heard about it from the BYU cross country coach a few years ago and there team is always in the top 3....it really does help aid recovery quickly
Chocolate milk has the carbs and protein a person needs to REFUEL!

I find this {new} news exciting since I LIKE LOVE chocolate milk!

The Nesquik bunny <3 

One more thing, 
I must share todays run...

5.03 mi  00:49 09:46 pace

My longest run yet! It felt great!! Not too shabby of a pace either, eh?!

...and of course I refueled with chocolate milk!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

setting the {garden} table

The hubs and I realized we are probably NOT eating as many fruits and veggies as we should be.

We try to eat good. 
We also try to eat food with the least amount of crack chemicals in it.
That means we buy Breyers Natural ice cream instead of the delicious mint chocolate chip store brand bright green with yellow number 5 and blue lake #6 etc... (but that's another story for another day!)

Luckily we live in CA where produce is cheap if you shop at the right place.

Lots of color for about $15

So this week, I've been experimenting making yummy salads so my taste buds don't get bored.

Mix of romaine and spinach, topped w/ feta, peppers, grapes, tomatoes, and ham.
(I love adding some sort of fruit to my salad to sweeten the deal)

According to Fruits and Veggies Matter, I should be having...

2 cups of fruit and 2.5 cups of vegetablesevery day based on your age ( 29 ), sex( female ), and level of physical activity( 30 to 60 minutes )
And hubs should be having...

2 cups of fruit and 3.5 cups of vegetablesevery day based on your age ( 29 ), sex ( male ),and level of physical activity ( 30 to 60 minutes )

We also want to set the stage table so nugget will choose to eat healthy, balanced meals.

Nugget already loving her veggies!

Here's to keeping healthy and getting in those fruits and veggies!

What's you favorite salad topper?

Sunday, March 4, 2012


The nugget after our run along the harbor Thursday morning.

The nugget decided to wake up Friday morning at 4am. She also decided no matter what, she wasn't going back to sleep. 
Nor did she want to play. Nor nothin'

So I decided to dig back into my bag of tricks... CAR RIDE!

5:30 we hopped in the car, I stopped to get my Starbucks coffee and cake (nugget was already asleep at this time) and we d r o v e...

I explored many neighborhoods I'd never seen.
Then I had fun taking pictures downtown.

Nugget slept til 8:15! Woot!
In no mood to make breakfast... hubs, nugget and I walked to the Living Room. Delicious as always!!

Nugget put on some sunscreen...

played in the grass...

and found a leaf  to explore.

Saturday was Gorgeous! Yes with a capital G!

Nugget and I drove the hubs to work then moseyed to the beach for a run.
I ran 1.5 miles, took a break so nugget and I could play on the beach, then finished my run with another 1.5 miles. PERFECT morning! Great run!

Our view

Nugget having a hoot!