Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trail fail prevail

My awesome photography skills, thanks Instagram!

This months San Diego magazine features some awesome trails {many of which} I have yet to try.

So being that the nugget and I were venturing to La Jolla anyways... we decided to check one out.

The directions led us right to the path which was pretty tucked away. You would really have to look for it or know it was there (hello locals path!) 

The start of Ocean Path looking North

Looking at the path's start
We walked about 10 feet and discovered the path narrowed, and BOB didn't like that.

So we snapped a few pictures...
Looking at La Jolla Shores
See the kayakers(orange blobs)?!
The hubs and I kayaked this area a couple years ago!

The trail start looked amazing and we will definitely head back with the nugget in her carrier to explore more. 

So, waste not a day in La Jolla, nugget and I headed to the park for some play time.

Nugget snacked on some sweet potatoes.

We then stopped at Whole Foods (which $ helped $ remind $ me $ why $ I $ don't $ shop $ there). 
And a quick sweet tooth stop...

"I'll take one of each!"

The nugget was poopered out after our day...

So nugget napped...
while I snacked.

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