Sunday, March 4, 2012


The nugget after our run along the harbor Thursday morning.

The nugget decided to wake up Friday morning at 4am. She also decided no matter what, she wasn't going back to sleep. 
Nor did she want to play. Nor nothin'

So I decided to dig back into my bag of tricks... CAR RIDE!

5:30 we hopped in the car, I stopped to get my Starbucks coffee and cake (nugget was already asleep at this time) and we d r o v e...

I explored many neighborhoods I'd never seen.
Then I had fun taking pictures downtown.

Nugget slept til 8:15! Woot!
In no mood to make breakfast... hubs, nugget and I walked to the Living Room. Delicious as always!!

Nugget put on some sunscreen...

played in the grass...

and found a leaf  to explore.

Saturday was Gorgeous! Yes with a capital G!

Nugget and I drove the hubs to work then moseyed to the beach for a run.
I ran 1.5 miles, took a break so nugget and I could play on the beach, then finished my run with another 1.5 miles. PERFECT morning! Great run!

Our view

Nugget having a hoot!


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