Monday, March 19, 2012

and it rained...

and it rained...
           and it rained...

It started raining Friday night when I stopped by Vons to pick up some coffee...

5 bucks a bag!! (Friday only)
That log of Tillamook was 5.99!

The wet continued through Saturday (St. Pat's Day)

Nugget didn't mind missing the parade

Watching the backyard become as green as Ireland

shamrock craft #1

shamrock craft #2

shamrock craft #3.... oh wait.. ;)

{more} Rain, Hail (!), and WIND drenched us on Sunday...

mourning morning run:
4.24 mi
This run I experienced rain, HAIL (!), high winds, and sun.
About 3 miles in I felt like my body had nothing left(maybe I need to fuel better??), I had the urge to walk the rest of the way home, but I pushed myself and ran it
{I refueled with chocolate milk and felt way better} 

HAIL! (not my hand... or picture) (source) 
"It's still raining???"

and (you guessed it) a slow steady drizzle of wet leaked through to Monday!

Nugget and I snuck outside between drops to snap some pics...

Believe it or not, as I'm writing this the rain has stopped...
here's to a dry day tomorrow!

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