Sunday, February 19, 2012

hi, I'm BOB

I made a new friend.
I think we will be friends for at least a few years.
He came to my doorstep on Friday and introduced himself.
His name is Bob.
Not just Bob. BOB.
That's right.
BOB as in BOB!

The white light appeared and so did a huge smile on my face.

The hubs must have tired of me going ON and ON about the perfection that is BOB and how BOB would improve both mine and the nuggets day. So [because he loves me so much... and the nugget] he surprise ordered it. <3

Yah! Can I be more excited! Not right now! (notice all the exclamation points??)
 (! = excited!) <--- see another one!

I'm sure you'll see pictures of my BOB someday, I just {shockingly} haven't had a chance to take any yet!

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