Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Knowing it's Valentines Day makes me less lovey dovey than any other day.

I {personally} just think it's a day in February that people waste loads of money on flowers and "romantic" dinners.

Bloody Hell! You can do that any day!

I tell the hubs I love him EVERY day and I don't just need ONE day to express it. But that's just me.

Now I don't want to portray my outlook on my little bundle of nuggetness, so we did have some 'holiday' fun.
She did her first painting project!
A card made for daddy for Valentines day!
And let me just say, she had a hoot! She 'painted' for nearly 20 minutes!

Here's what we did:

I cut out two identical heart shapes out of a cereal box (any cardboard would do, or card stock for that matter)
I glued them together so it would be nice and sturdy for the nugget to paint.
I then painted them white so it would look puuuurty (puuuurtier than cardboard)

Next I put the heart with some dobs of red and white paint in a ziplock bag, sealed it, and let the nugget go to town!

nugget having a hoot!

Once nugget was done painting, I carefully removed the heart from the bag (not wanting to mess up her lovely artistic-ness). Then I let it sit and dry.

finished heart

I wrote a little message on the back (sited by nugget, of course).
Now the card is officially ready!

This project was so fun!
Time to figure out new shapes and projects for nugget to paint! She's an arteest!

What would be some good painting ideas? What have you done with your little one for fun art projects?

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