Saturday, February 11, 2012

shoulda coulda woulda...

Nugget was up at 2:00 and then again at 3:30, amped and ready to play. Needless to say hubs and I were NOT ready to play, but we love her so much we joined in.

This also means  I was t i r e d!
Luckily, nugget went back to bed around 5 and so did I for about 2 hours.

(thank you nugget!! XOXO)

But this put a slump in the run I really wanted to do today.
I got L A Z Y! (plus it was raining which didn't help) excuses...excuses...

(need this on my forehead!)

Alas, no run for me today (cue the fact I need that BOB so I could've gone later today...)

But what I also needed was that kick in the a**.

I read this today from SkinnyRunner and felt motivated and am ready to hit the pavement tomorrow.

love this!
Where do you find your motivation?

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