Tuesday, February 7, 2012

lunch meat-ing at breakfast

I love sandwiches. But I get to the point when one more sandwich this week,  I'll go bonkers.
Despite the fact I don't want another sandwich, the frugal gal in me has to use up the lunch meat (waste not!)

So what better way than to chop it up and use it in my egg burrito!

I chop that lunch meat up real good and toss it in the fryin' pan with some butter (butter makes everything better).

Add some diced yellow peppers I had left over from our pasta last night, and my special homemade fajita seasoning {made from here}. I sauteed these together about 5 minutes.

{enter hubs who looks at this mixture, looks at me, looks back at the pan and says, "potatoes and mangoes?" Oh, I love that man!}

Meanwhile I crack two eggs and add a bit of half n half. They turn into a deliciously fluffy scramble.

I then added my sauteed meat and peppers to the eggs.

At this point I took out a tortilla and sprinkled it with cheese.

I put half the egg, meat n pepper mixture on top of the cheese; slopped on my favorite salsa; and rolled that sucker up!

And Voila! Delish! I was able to use up my lunch meat and yellow pepper, whilst creating a breakfast both me and the hubs enjoyed!

What are some creative ways you use up your groceries and/or left overs?

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