Thursday, February 23, 2012

break me off a piece of that.... grapefruit

I found a new citrusy juicy love.


I bought it after I heard of this cleansing drink that involved carrots, ginger, and grapefruit.

I made the drink, but it was HORRIBLE!
So I had all this grapefruit, and I tried it on it's own.

I was like WOW! This is some tasty citrus.

I hadn't tried grapefruit for y e a r s. And back then, I was not a fan.

But now I'm on the bandwagon.

I love the juicy, tart-sweetness of this fruit. Not to mention they are huge! So it's a happy little filler.
I have also found it tastes delicious in soda water to add that extra flava!

Then I went to Trader Joe's the other day and found that Joe had already gone through the work of juicing some grapefruit and putting it in a jug for me. I was happy about this!!!

This is the best grapefruit juice I've ever had! Tastes JUST like I'm eating a grapefruit! (Granted it's the first one I have ever tried since those little cans they sell in the supermarket)
If you want a real "scientific" review of a variety of grapefruit juices however, check out this site. They'll give you more deets than I currently can.

Apparently I picked a pretty stellar fruit to obsess about too! It has some great qualities...

Vitamin C (obviously.. it IS a fruit after all)
Vitamin A
Lycopene (this is a shocker... I thought only tomatoes had that)
Lowers Cholesterol
... just to name a few...

If you want to check out more, WHFoods has great grapefruit info.

Well after all this grapefruit talk, my mouth is watering for some grapefruit, so I need to go get something grapefruit right now!

grapefruit, grapefruit, grapefruit...

Grapefruit update!
Found this grapefruit recipe, can't wait to try!
Bruleed grapefruit?!?!?! I think yes! 

Broiled Grapefruit
  • 1 grapefruit, cut in half and segmented with a serrated knife
  • 1T butter, melted
  • 2T brown sugar
  • cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, etc
  1. Turn on your broiler and position the rack in the top shelf, as close to the broiler as you can get it
  2. Halve and segment your grapefruit. You might need to take a little slice off the bottoms so that they don’t roll around
  3. Mix butter, brown sugar, and desired spices until they form a thick paste.
  4. Place grapefruit halves in a broiler-safe pan and smear the butter/sugar paste on top.
  5. Broil grapefruit halves for 4-6 minutes, keeping an eye on them and rotating if necessary.
  6. Remove from oven and serve warm. Yum!

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