Monday, December 31, 2012

The Christmas (that wasn't)

Come join me for a pint at my pity party...

The nugget woke from a terrible nights sleep the 22nd with "the cold". She spent a miserable Christmas Eve coughing and crying until 2am when he finally fell asleep, and slept most of Christmas Day. We were unable to join in the fabulous fun OC Christmas we had intended, and only saw my mom and stepdad (in town from MN) for 5 hours.

Dennis' thumb joined the picture!

We put together the kitchen from Nana while she was here

I give the hubs credit for trying to make the best of it with a beer cheese fondue, 

Vast amounts of sugar (and beer)

And slowly unwrapping Christmas gifts.

Now as the nugget is almost back to health and the hubs and I battle this unforgiving cold...

I have but one question,

Dear favorite holiday of mine,
Can you please take it easy on is in 2013?

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