Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A runner and a climber

Last Wednesday, Nugget was out playing as I arrived back from my run.
She had to have my water bottle and headphones so she could "run"!
This made me so happy!

The above two pictures show how proud the Nugget is to be a climber! 
One day she decided to be a "daredevil"... and she hasn't looked back. Now every day she is up on a chair, standing! { <---cue one more thing for this mama to worry about}
This newfound skill has certainly helped her confidence climbing at the playground though!

Not a picture of climbing, but this rolling slide is the best! 
{As is her Rolling Stones shirt}

Now that I'm {mostly} recovered from my plague cold, 
it's wonderful to be running again. 
(I took 4 days off)  (Which seemed realllllly long!)
 I've had to take it slow though since I'm still coughing a lot, 
and I don't want to overdue it.

Anywho... going to leave you with a couple pics from my runs this week.

A gorgeous run in Balboa Park:

A foggy start to a run at Lake Murray:

What was(is) your favorite place to play at the playground?

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