Sunday, April 28, 2013

Road Runner Sports Adventure Run

So I had heard about this more than a year ago.
Somehow must have forgotten about it.
Then recently it was brought to my attention again.
So. Glad. It. Was.

I finally did the Adventure Run, put on by Road Runner Sports.


This is a once a month event.

The run starts and ends at RRS and is a bit like a scavenger hunt.
You run for an hour to fun checkpoints and collect raffle tickets.
The more raffle tickets collected, the better the chances to win prizes!!

After checking in {I registered online to receive a free beer ticket}
and checking out some of the promo booths,
it was time for the run!
A map was revealed listing checkpoints.
The further the checkpoint, the more raffle tickets scored!

My mama running friend, Lisa, and I were amongst the hundreds of other crazy runners!

Each checkpoint has an obstacle you can choose to complete for extra tickets.

You can run to as little or many checkpoints as you wish, as long as you are back to RRS at the end of the hour. (We barely made it!!)

Once back, rehydration {with beer} is key, while listening to raffles being called.

The raffles that didn't win a prize, oh well.

 Still smiling!

I did get a chance to run in these New Balance shoes. They were comfy and light.

The RRS Adventure Run was a ton of fun AND a great workout!! We made it to all but one checkpoint, logged 5.5 miles in an hour, while scavenging the town completing obstacles! 

Topped off with a beer and fun company, I am SO EAGER for the next Adventure RUN!

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