Thursday, October 2, 2014

Back on track

I need to get back on track. I have fallen so far off the track that I need binoculars to see it!
I think I started derailing slowly after I finished the Carlsbad Half.
Preceding the race I was in relatively good shape and eating healthily. I felt wonderful and had confidence.

I did manage to run 3 more half marathons to date: La Jolla Half in April; Rock-n-Roll in June; and AFC in August <--- but if I'm honest I walk/ran the last 6 miles due to heat and under-training.
Since the last race, I've ran a handful of times and stopped most fitness activity. I have let myself "go". My pants are tight, my legs don't feel as strong, and my beer belly can hold about a keg now.

Change is in the near future!
I want NEED to get this train wreck back on track! Maybe even surpass my previous level.
So I'm blowing the dust off my blog, and reaching out to whoever wants to listen.

The change includes only 2 things:
getting back into running/fitness
 consuming healthier/clean food

I will keep myself accountable through six 9 eleven.
This may be a bumpy ride, so hold on!

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