Thursday, April 30, 2015


I know I've said it before.
In fact, I've said it several times before.
However, I truly (hope, I) mean it this time.

Somewhere between giving birth ( almost 4 years ago),
starting running (and stopping)
getting older,
I've gained a noticeable amount of weight.

a year ago

now, ugh. not ok.

I'm not ok with this.
Nothing fits.
(not even my bras)
I'm tired.
Over it.

So after trying, and trying again. I'm going to take a real stab at this.
It'll be hard because I'm used to eating, drinking and indulging in whatever I choose.
Apparently age and lack of willpower to eat the best of best foods have had its toll on my body.

Tomorrow, I start a journey through a delicious and healthy food routine.
I will eat REAL food. ( I usually do quite a bit, but have plenty of fall backs)
Exercise a lot more, while incorporating running back into my life.

Change is in the future and I look forward to what will become.
Accountability is key. Support is necessary. Let's do this.


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