Sunday, May 3, 2015

So far, so good

It's Day 3 of better eating!!!
I can tell ya that it's already been hard!
Of course, the first day I started happened to be the ONE day I work. So I started questioning what I was doing, as beer and delicious french fries laughed in my face. But, I made it through! It helped (barely...) that I brought sweet potato to snack on and some olives.

Breakfast: One egg, half an avocado, and sweet potato hash
Snack: An apple, handful of almonds, and fruit/veggie skewer
Lunch: Kale salad (followed True Food Kitchen recipe) and grilled chicken
Dinner: Quinoa Caprese Salad (Holy YUM!!)
Late Snack: leftover sweet potato hash and greek olives

Saturday, I worked at Elli's preschool garage sale. 
I sautéed some peppers with an egg, threw in leftover sweet potato hash and had breakfast on the go.

The garage sale had a whole assortment of temptations, since there was a BAKE sale! Cookies, caramels and brownies! Oh, my. Not to mention someone brought BAGELS(!) with delicious cream cheese for breakfast. Normally I would've eaten my weight in bagels and cookies, but I munched on an apple and peanuts. (Insert patting self on back)

Lunch: Leftover Quinoa Caprese Salad
Snack: Popcornopolis Nearly naked popcorn

Late afternoon I was feeling hungry, so I whipped up a batch of healthy carrot applesauce muffins.
I knew I needed a few more calories and some carbs since I planned on running in the morning. Recipe to come! This treat hit the spot.

Dinner:  grilled chicken, sweet potato and broccoli

Not only did I gobble up this dinner, Elli did too! We had a lovely dinner date on the patio.

Today, I did a running set of 3: 7 min run/ 3 min walk for 30 mins.
The last set was difficult, probably since I hadn't run since last Sunday.
I had a carrot muffin and a few grapes prior to my run.

Once home, I got to work making breakfast.
I decided to sauté a batch of veggies for my eggs as well as for egg muffins (to be had this week).

For lunch today:

Kale salad with chickpeas and quinoa

I plan on having some sort of protein tonight for dinner with veggies.
So far, so good! Don't ya think?


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