Thursday, September 13, 2012

sick and silly

The nugget got sick last week...
that combined with the hubs being gone, {meaning no sleep...}
can really only explain my laziness absence from blogging.

The nugget wanted comfort through the night and I was happy to give it to her.
Even happier when it didn't mess up her sleep routine when she was on the mend.

Last Saturday we made it up to Mel's new place,

Which is now just over an hour away!
It's a beautiful suburban area,

with great views and amenities.
Such a thrilling new chapter for them!

{insert here pictures of the house that I forgot to take!}

On Sunday, the hubs was off (work) before he left for Virginia.
As we were preparing the nugget for bed, she decided to really start walking!

She had done a few steps here and there,
but she traveled back and forth from me to the hubs several times!
This is so exciting and she keeps improving as she practices everyday.

We went to the beach on Tuesday so I could run and nugget could play.
Although it was {beautifully} overcast, it was extremely humid.

The nugget has also been silly this week despite her lingering cough and runny nose.

Playing under the table and dreaming...

Cooling off in the dog's water dish,

and of course, some fun time in a box!

What has kept you busy this week?

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