Sunday, September 2, 2012

not asking for much

As much as I LOVE summer, I'm ready for cool weather!
I want the windows open with a cool breeze,
I want the abundance of house flies, fruit flies and spiders to decrease,
I want my runs to not be so sweaty, hot and humid,
I want to start baking with pumpkin.

I'm not asking for much. ;)

Hot sweaty and gross after my 5 mile long run.
You can thank me later for posting this pic.

At least we have the beach to cool off!

The nugget is still having a hoot practicing standing

which has turned in to muscle contests on how much she can lift while standing.

She pretty much makes all the decisions around here, 
and decided our spices needed to all go in one box.

Nugget also picked out some good reads at the library...

then discovered a tunnel in the book racks.

I made my favorite pulled pork recipe when my friend Kendra visited from MN.
We ran out of buns of steel for the leftovers, 
so we were creative and made pulled pork wraps!

it is smart to fold up the end of the tortilla, 
this helps keep all the yumminess in.
{I MUST have coleslaw with my pulled pork}

The hubs created a breakfast wrap using the leftover pork, and it was amazing!

If you like pulled pork sandwiches, what do you eat with them?

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