Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vegas, baby

I have been looking forward to our Vegas Vacation for so long!
Of course I was also apprehensive leaving the nugget over night.
I just didn't want her to feel sad that I wasn't there. 
She doesn't understand that I'll be back tomorrow!
But alas! We did it! The turnaround trip was a lot of fun.
It was so wonderful spending time with the hubs,
playing in an adult play land,
and of course attending a friends wedding!

After our 4.5 hour drive, we arrived at our hotel, but couldn't check in yet.
So we grabbed lunch at the Hard Rock hotel's Pink Taco

Eating out has never been so delicious!! ;)

The pink is pickled onions and they were amazing!
 We walked around a bit and laid by the pool before the wedding.
I <3 the Strip Hubs.

5 minute wedding = perfection

High School friend Stephanie and her boy

H.S. chums unite!

Happy Couple
 After a short "reception" of sandwiches, some of us younger folk headed to the strip to light up the night!

The Chandelier @ Cosmopolitan

We walked all around the strip til about 1 am.
Now that is WAY too many hours past my bedtime.
But I survived!
It's Vegas baby!

Bellagio Gardens

enroute to Bally's

The hubs w/ his giant Jagger-bomb

All night -outs should end with a heaping plate of nachos, right?
 I was up at 5 despite the late night.
{Which is normally when I should be going to BED in Vegas...}
Ready to get on the road to see my baby girl!
Albeit beating the traffic as well!
Goodbye Vegas, til next time. 

The hubs and I could've never had this getaway without my trustworthy mom and stepfather.
Forever am I grateful they were able to come from MN to spend quality time with their granddaughter while we played in adultland Vegas. 

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