Tuesday, October 2, 2012

San Diego Running Group

I joined a San Diego Running group!

Their meetup times are all over the place and it usually just doesn't work out for me...

Until Saturday!!

The hubs didn't work until 12, so he was able to stay home and play with the nugget!

I met up with the group at 8, in Ocean Beach.

We started our run at 8:15, and I'm proud to say I kept pace with the middle of the group.
{ I thought for sure I'd be panting way behind in dead last}

This was the most beautiful run I'd been on in San Diego!!

The majority of the run were trails that ran along cliffs, with the beautiful ocean view.

It was HOT for both the beach and the end of September!

It makes such a difference running WITH people!
The miles and time just run fly by!

I hope I'll be able to join this group for many more runs!

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