Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hey, remember me?

Now that I've finished the Hunger Games series , you might see a bit more blog posts from me!

Yesterday I had my long run for my half marathon training, which was {only } 4 miles...

I struggled with myself to get through it.
I think because it's been so hot and humid, running has been harder.
Last week a 3 mile run turned 2.5 because my body wouldn't let me go any further.

This may have been why I was nervous to run 4.
I pushed myself,
battled my mind,
and managed to finish!

{even though at 2.75 miles I was about to quit... but I would have felt worse if I did}

It may have helped that the morning was overcast and misty.

The wet sky felt wonderful on my face!!

Or it may have helped by properly fueling the night before...

The nugget has been busy playing,


trying on my compression socks,

and of course eating.

The hubs has been busy turning old.

BIG 3-0

What have YOU been busy doing?

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  1. Elli is so ADORABLE!! Love the pics!
    Welcome back!