Monday, August 27, 2012

I am a runner

Saturday I'm as lazy as can be was my {running} rest day.
It's also a day that the nugget and I don't drive anywhere
 [unless we have to].
I'm very lucky that I can do my errands during the week,
so there is not battling for a parking space or long check out lines.


We stopped by our neighborhood block party when the hubs got off work.
The nugget bounced on the outside of the bouncy house for awhile.

Sunday I ran a "recovery" run {2 miles} from my 4 mile "long run".

It felt good, and I followed it up by making some whole wheat oatmeal pancakes.
I use this recipe and they are simply amazing!

The nugget has been practicing standing a lot,
{with a step here and there}
so her legs needed the use of compression socks, again.

Then she organized the magnets on our fridge,

whilst I made these delicious key lime cookies.

Monday Motivator:


I like this because I usually run a 9-10 min/mile pace which isn't speedy.
I like this because I have yet to run further than 6.2 miles {10K}. 
[Which I have done 3 times]
I like this because I AM A RUNNER.

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