Thursday, March 14, 2013

blackberries and a play date

Have I ever told you how much I love my mama running group!?!?  I do so much!
Quality time running with other moms, Nugget in her stroller, and playtime for the kids afterwards is such perfection. These mom's keep me trucking at a great pace and help me get my runs/miles in.

Ella and Elli playing at Lake Murray

After our run yesterday, I decided to swoop by Windmill Farms to pick up some fruit. We go through produce so fast (which is great!)

Blackberries were 99 cents a pint, so I grabbed FOUR!
num, num!

One more blackberry picture to get your drool glands really going...

Nugget was being silly before nap

Jeans go on our HEAD, mommy!!!

Today we had a fun play date with Odin.
These two play together so wonderfully. It makes me so happy!
We had our usual breakfast play date and made whole wheat waffles. 
I used this recipe. Delish!!

waiting for waffles

story-time with my friend Megan

Another 80 degree day today in SoCal, 
and after Nugget's nap we are going to pick up a surprise! Can't wait!!! 

What's the temperature where you live today?


  1. Well, it sure wasn't 80! Storming today - more snow and another storm predicted for Monday.

  2. Those berry pictures are making me super pumped for summer!