Saturday, March 16, 2013

Nugget's surprise

Mornings have been super foggy the past few days which make for eerie runs...

not sure what's more eerie: the fog or my expression!?
Since the hubs was off yesterday we took our little darling to the zoo.

no... not this darling...

Random fact: The above bird is a Victoria Crowned Pigeon, the largest pigeon on Earth. 
{cool mohawks, eh?}


Remember how I told you we were going to pick up a surprise???

I am going to bombard you with photos of the totally awesome surprise for nugget!
{Nugget pulled out her inner Vanna White, just for you ;)}

An outdoor clubhouse!!!!!

Complete with half a picnic table, peepholes and a secret cubby!

This little one is ALL smiles!!

The hubs put the clubhouse together yesterday during nugget's nap.
When she woke, I had her go look out the window...
Her eyes widened with excitement as she exclaimed "side! Side! Out-side!!!"

Today, we spent most our afternoon in the backyard playing.

Tomorrow I plan on running around the neighborhood sporting some green and shamrocks.

Then enjoy this for breakfast:

And this for lunch ;)

What's a big surprise you remember as a kid?

Do you have any plans for St. Patricks Day?

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