Monday, March 11, 2013

Unusual day

Today was an unusual day in which three things happened.
(and for one, didn't happen)

1. I was up before both the nugget and the hubs! I fully blame the dogs on this one. It was past 6 and I could here them being antsy, and didn't feel like cleaning up poop. I also blame the following...

2. I made {from scratch} cinnamon rolls. (Okay.. I did most the steps last night, but had to egg wash and bake this morning.) I wanted them fresh!

before baking

3. Nugget didn't nap! I'm hoping this is some sort of day light savings fluke, and not some sort of "I'm almost 2 and I don't need to nap rebellion"!

This morning I ran 4 miles by the bay with a mama running buddy. The kids then played for 2 hours at the park. Beautiful day, sorry no pics.

{One would think that would be enough to send a toddler to nap land... but nope}

After a failed attempt for a nap ,
(ahem- me being especially bummed... I needed a nap!)

I decided to fulfill my pizza craving at Woodstocks.
They have a lunch special that includes two slices, so the nugget and I shared.

She had a blast, as this was her first pizza experience.

not sure what to do with it here....
yes.. now she gets it!

I had to return something to Toys-R-Us which turned into an hour of play. 

the purse of the day= Victoria's Secret bag!

Hello awesome vintage toys!!

Mommy, I need THIS chair!

I finally dragged the nugget kicking and screaming out of the store, and on the way home, decided to swing into the library.

Reading about dogs while mommy picks out books

I am about to go scoop some chocolate peanut clusters from the crock-pot.
This is a guinea pig run, so I'll let you know how they turn out!

Stay tuned for my Cinnamon roll recipe!

What did you do today?

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