Friday, June 15, 2012

Dirty 30

I remember when I turned 15 and joked,
"halfway to 30!" Seemed so far off then.

And... here I am...


This picture was taken during nuggets birthday. My darling sis surprised me with a DQ ice cream cake, some bling, and beer!

(I found this recipe online to create my own DQ style cake. )

Ummm... could she have picked a better selection!?!?

As I enter a whole new decade, it's exciting and sad.
The twenties was a time of change, growth, travel, learning, and a lot of fun.
I will miss my twenties <--- enter sentiment here.
But I am looking forward to what my 30's have to offer.


I enjoyed a mild birthday with the amazing hubs and nugget.
The hubs surprised me with a trip to RoadRunner Sports where I was able to select a new pair of running shoes. 
It was a tough decision but I ended up with the Nike Zoom Vomero 7.

watch out... there's a new shoe in town!!!

My beat up feet and toes are very thankful for this.

Afterwards, we dined at Chiba Sushi!
This is my absolute favorite sushi restaurant.
And I'd been craving sushi for a long time. So this was a perfect birthday meal!

Nugget was trying to figure out the chopsticks

Even nugget enjoyed Chiba!

The delicious hubs Corona Roll

a professionals shot at the Corona

The loves of my life

and then there's this...

I was also excited to open a card from my ma and find this...

She loves me SO MUCH!!
and a certificate to GET A HAIRCUT!!
Did you know that it's been almost exactly a year since I've had it cut?
Minus the time I tried trimming my own hair for Christmas.
It's tough to spend money on myself when there are other things {read: food and nugget} it can be used for.
So this is MUCH appreciated!

One last thing...

I don't know why it's called Dirty 30..
yes, I admit, I ran 2 miles on my birthday and didn't shower afterwards.
Is that dirty?

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