Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday tidbits

Some random Saturday tidbits...

I forgot to brag about this mention this{in my blog post} yesterday, but the hubs and I got carded for our Sapporo's at my birthday sushi meal. It feels good to get carded at this ripe old age of 30.


Nugget is finally signing "more" when she eats! It's so adorable and she gets so proud of herself for doing it.

{I've also caught her signing "more" in her car seat, when she should be sleeping, and carrying her around! }


I've always had a fascination with Niagara Falls,
{even though I've yet to experience their majesticness...}
so I enjoyed hearing about Nik Wallenda who daringly walked a tightrope across the falls!!

That man is cra-cra!!!
If your as intrigued as I was, check it out here.


I agreed to dog-sit for the hubs' boss labradoodle for the week, because  you know, what's ONE MORE dog (when we already have 3!)
{plus there was a nice Franklin involved...}
He started off wonderfully by puking all over our bed.
The next day he managed to jump over the gate we use to trap keep the dogs in the kitchen.
This happened while we were gone...

the innards of a diaper

After these events, the hubs decided Doug the destroyer {said labradoodle} needs to take advantage of Gus's old crate and spend his days in our backyard.
He did alright the rest of the week save for a few holes in our backyard.

Doug the destroyer and Gus

The hubs and I utilized a Groupon we had bought for Mr. Chick on Friday.
This place roasts whole chickens and has a HUGE selection of sides.

mmm mmm good

Nugget loved it too!


Often on Friday nights while I slave away for tips work, 
the hubs and nugget go for a walk. 
On this walk last night, the hubs picked up an amazing dessert for us to share today.
I just love coming home to a luscious pink box.

Happy Saturday!

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