Friday, June 22, 2012

this is what we did this week

Amongst the lack of sleep I've been getting {due to the nuggets 3 or 4 am wake up calls} we've had a busy week.

We joined the pasty white and sunburned tourists at the zoo Monday.

It has been several weeks since we saw {real} monkeys and flamingos.
The nugget seemed to notice the animals more than she had previously!

Tuesday the hubs was off so we decided a beach day hour was in order.
We set up camp.
Played for a bit.

Then took on Taco Tuesday at our favorite place.

I also managed to fit in a haircut!

Thanks ma!!

Which was a good thing, because the hubs contacted my friend Lesley on Monday, found out she was free for Tuesday, and told her to get me outta the house!
I was thrilled (albeit tired) when she arrived at 7 to whisk me away.
We enjoyed pizza and beers at blind lady ale house!

New English Stout


bacon and egg pizza!

Good times ... But that led to {even more} exhaustion for the next day...

Wednesday's play-date at our house was fabulous.
 It was a beautiful day, so the babes enjoyed the pool!

Thursday the nugget and I ran errands, and played at home.

That's the quick run down of our week. Hope you have enjoyed yours!

Happy Friday!!!

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  1. Love your haircut! I want to see more photos!