Monday, June 25, 2012


Things have been rough going in the running department for me.
I don't know if it's been 
lack of sleep


lack of time


or lack of motivation.


So I was durn happy when I made it out yesterday and managed a little over 3 miles.
I said to myself, just go out and do ONE mile.
My knees weren't so happy, in fact I thought about turning around, but I really didn't want to.
They started feeling better further into the run.
I mean, it would've been SMART to turn around. 
But I wanted to run.

My pace was s l o w.
3.03 mi 00:36 11:44 pace
knees hurt so I went slow, but went longer than I thought I would.

But I did it.
I truly do plan on running more this week. 
So here's to hoping!

Monday Motivator:

Whether you are young or old....beginner or expert.....slow or long as you get out there you are amazing.

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