Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nugget is ONE {birthday recap}

My beautifully amazing daughter is officially the big ONE now!

Her birthday fell on a Saturday, so we were able to celebrate directly on her birthday!

Her backyard burger n beer BBQ "themed" party was {IMO} a success.
I spent the previous week preparing whilst the nugget napped( hence the lack of blog posts, my apologies, loyal readers!)

Nugget got a great nap in before her party, and woke up just before the festivities.

An abundance of friends and family gathered in our backyard, enjoying the weather and company.

The food spread included:
carrots and cherry tomatoes with homemade hummus dip
why yes... that IS freshly squeezed lemonade!!
Doritos: nacho and spicy sweet chili

Chocolate cake pops
Carrot cake cupcakes

Caesar salad

and delicious grilled burgers from the hubs!

After we all consumed great portions of said "spread"

It was time to sing happy birthday.
Our friend Peter brought a malodica to play the tune.
Song sang, cue nugget cake time!

She was absolutely in her element licking and chomping the frosting off her extra large cupcake! Frosting covered her gorgeous face while she babbled on about her fun party!

Then nugget {err mommy and daddy-} opened her gifts.
She rocked out a significant amount of clothes, some awesome toys, and a couple gift cards.

new toys!!!

new clothes!!!

Auntie Mel gave the nugget her first barbie!

The day was full of fun and activity.
We are thankful for great friends and family that joyfully celebrated the nuggets big ONE! {however we missed those who weren't able to attend}

men, doing what they do...
standing around drinking beer.

The nugget and friend Katie

With Katie and Laith

With Tommy and Steven

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