Sunday, April 15, 2012

Me time

The hubs is SO amazing.

He KNEW how stressed tired cranky run-down depleted I've been.

He took the nugget Friday morning, while I ran a 4.5 miler...

then he sent me away for an hour massage!

retro windows in massage room

rainy cold day, but awesome view nonetheless

When I arrived home, the nugget was napping (!!!!!!) {<---without me ??}.

I took advantage of this time and got all culinary in the kitchen. I made a soup from a recipe I found in my new Food Network magazine.

ham, lentil, and veggie soup
{perfect for the wet and cccccold day}

The pic doesn't do it's delicious-ness justice! 

Cue Saturday...

Mom arrives (from the arctic north Minnesota) and Sis from LAla land.

After ketchuping catching up all morning, it's nugget nap time.

The {amazing} hubs takes nugget, whilst us ladies do what we do best...

shop drink beer!

Ballast Point Tongue Buckler (Imperial Red 10%)

choices, choices

the beertiful ladies

Great start to the weekend...
... off to taste some {college area} food!

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