Sunday, April 1, 2012


Our (the hubs and I-duh)  "walk down the aisle" song was 1,2,3,4 by the Plain White T's...

          ... and this post is all about 1, 2, 3, 4.

{We will be celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary in1 month! We were married 4-30-2010
 (at 3:30 in the afternoon).}

We made a quick stop at Moe's after the ceremony.


On Friday I decided it was time I tackle a nearby 1 mile long hill. 
good3.26 mi 00:34 10:31 pace
good! tackled a killer mile long hill
My pace was horrible, but it felt great to run it, and I plan on doing it again soon!

Collwood BLVD, the one miler.

Wednesday night was a sleepless night, so late Thursday afternoon the nugget and I made a field trip to Starbucks. I ordered a venti latte for $4. (All this because I was too lazy to brew my own! )

THE $4 caffeine in a cup.

No surprise here, but with a baby it's a r a r e event to watch a movie.


wait for it...

This week I managed to watch 2!!! (probably more than I've watched in a year!)

Fun loving (albeit predictable) movie. 
Enjoyed the sweetness, and now I really need a trip to Italy so I can drink 
barrels of some wine. 

SO very interesting! Lots of information about American food. 
Also, now I have the need for a juicer.

Speaking of American food, I have officially consumed 3 bags of those delectable, chocolaty Cadbury 
{thin candy shell covered} mini eggs.

insert drool here ---->
I fully blame the hubs for this.  (seeing as he was the one who brought these to my gut attention)


Nugget had a 1,2.3.4 week too!

We are down to just 1 nap a day. Not as l o n g as I would hope for one nap, but at least bedtime is earlier than 10.

yes, nugget still naps in my arms xoxo

It seems fitting the same day I climbed a mountain (ran a mile hill) nugget did too.

That's right! 
There are 4 stairs leading to our deck, and this fearless, strong baby tackled them!

the amazing baby!

The nugget was able to join me for 2 runs this week.
Lake Murray:

good3.19 mi 00:30 09:24 pace
ran lake murray w/ Elli

Mission Bay.

good3.37 mi 00:33 09:51 pace
Mission Bay

Play time is always required after each run.

nugget playing with sand at Lake Murray

and sliding at Mission Bay park

At sign language class on Thursday nugget discovered 3 tunnels to crawl through! 
She had such a hoot!! 

The first tunnel

The second

The third tunnel


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