Friday, April 20, 2012

riding along in our automobile

The past 3 days, nugget and I have spent a considerable amount of time in the car.

And they are loud!
Bang! Pound! Zing!
So therefore , nugget naps in the car!
And mommy eats, drives, reads in the car { no worries, the latter done while parked}

The exciting news is we will have a bomb proof diggety new roof!!

So Wesnesday we found ourselves at Fiesta Island.

and the pink thong and cape guy made an appearance

Thursday, the other half Del Cerro.

sleepy nugget

big houses

awesome landscaping

gnarly views

Friday Miramar { where I snuck in a run before nugget napped... and a Trader Joes run}

crazy fencing...

great views at Lake Miramar

nugget loves playing outside

yummy TJ treat

Roofers done. Naps in house tomorrow.

Happy 420

we did this. now we have to awesome frisbees!

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