Thursday, April 19, 2012

Taste of College

Mom, sis, hubs, nugget and I set out early Sunday afternoon to get our eat on. Our area {where we live} was having a taste of.

$25 = 4 hrs of gluttony.
Who could pass that up?! Not us!

We started at a place called the Egyptian Tea Room. Huge plate containing 3 different hummus', pita bread & olives.
{ unfortunately I didn't get many pictures b/c of my one track eating mind!}

The other establishments we tasted included:
( w/ listing of what I tasted many places u could choose [*C])

4.0 Deli- turkey pesto sandwich
Buddies Burgers- beer battered fries and Swiss burger [*C]
California Kebab- marinated chicken and lamb over rice, chipotle and regular hummus with pita bread
Pita Pit- fro yo shake w/ Oreo & cookie dough [*C]

Jersey Mikes: Italian sub [*C]
Woodstock pizza: montes revenge pizza [*C]
Coldstone Creamery: cookies n cream cake
Yogurtland: 4 tastes [*C]

Garden Fresh: spanakopita pizza
Top 10 Oriental: Cali roll, spring roll, edamame, pho
Effins Pub n Grill: pork slider
Cheba Hut: turkey sub w/ lucky charms bar
Fattes pizza: white pizza. Supreme pizza [*C]
Terra : chipotle skirt steak taco
Pubcakes: stoned portzilla
Treehouse Cafe: peach tea

Pita Pit shake :D {half gone already}

the nugget @ Woodstock

Cold-stone cake

Tasters at Yogurtland

Cheba Hut sandwich and bar

Terra taco

The trolley that could take you around the area... we opted to walk the 5 + miles~

the miles

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  1. Good job remembering all that! Now I'll just share this blog when telling my story. Man, I got full all over again. Great stuff!