Monday, July 16, 2012

cream cheese pancakes and JUST RUN!

The nugget and I have already had a busy morning playing,

{blurry, but this is her first pair of jeans!!}

we took a 2 mile walk before it got too hot,
and we made some cream cheese pancakes.

I found the recipe for them on pinterest.
I suddenly remembered it when I was looking for a cheese to use with our scrambled eggs.
I decided to give em a whirl,
[carpe diem!!],
try something new!

They were really good,
but took longer to make then scrambled {duh!}
All you need is
2 eggs,
2 oz cream cheese,
dash sugar [I used turbinado]
dash cinnamon

Throw it all in a blender, pour in a pan like
you would pancakes, and
Cream Cheese Pancakes!!
{crazy too, their carb free... }
{if you care about that...}

These were the nuggets
{pre chopped up}

delish with some PB!

The recipe made what you see above, so if the hubs were to join in, we would double the batch.


Monday Motivator:


I have done all these... 
and no matter how I feel when I start, 
during a 1 mile run,
a 6 mile run, 
I always feel AMAZING after the run!

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