Monday, July 30, 2012

girls will be girls

The nugget and I had a great week with our besties Holly and Olivia!

They flew in Sunday and stayed until Friday.
Olivia is quite silly and loves to throw toys loudly on the floor play!
She is almost a year old and walking all about.

We were also thankful that she was flexible with naps and bedtime, as the nugget is very routine, and any change in that would've been tough.

The first day (Sunday) we mainly hung out around home, the girls played and got to know one another.

Monday, we filled the pool before nap-time, splash city!

I promise you they had fun, despite the faces in this picture!

{aren't they so girly in their pink rash-guards and pink pool?!?!}

We had plans to hit up the zoo post nap, but by the time we got going, it was late in the day, so we post-poned for another day...

we played at the park!

A lady at the park suggested we put them back-to-back in the swing...
The girls LOVED it!!!
I think the mommies got tired [of swinging] before the babies!!

We gobbled up more fresh air with a walk afterward.

the girls played doctor
{aka chewed on medicine bottles...}

Then plans for the zoo were delayed one more day
since nugget napped for nearly 3 hours!!

{can we say worn out!}

So we improvised and headed downtown.
Holly really wanted to check out the elusive Heavenly Cupcake.

Their July flavor is watermelon, and holy moly was it good!!
Of course I couldn't pass up the chance to indulge in my favorite,
As we walked around downtown, 
Holly discovered the joys of Bettie Page

After 2 failed attempts at the zoo,
Holly was like 
Let's go in the morning...
leave Olivia and I there {since O can easily nap in her stroller}
then pick us up AFTER nugget's nap!
{ME = DUH!}

Thank goodness someone (not me) has brains...

So the plan was executed wonderfully on Wednesday!

No joke, this monkey came right up to the window to, well, monkey around.
The girls loved it until a second monkey came running right up to the window and THUMP, scared the nugget.

I'm really happy our "zooplan" worked out well.
I think Holly and Olivia had a wonderful time, 
and were able to take full advantage of their time at the zoo.

Thursday was our busiest day yet!

We went to Mission Bay Park to play and walk in the morning,

then visited Mission Beach in the afternoon!!

after a BIG breakfeast

we played at home in the morning 

then feasted on Mexican at Coyote's in the afternoon.

mexican lefse

Then we had to say goodbye to our besties.

Always sad to say goodbye.
Until next time...

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  1. So sweet! I got exhaused just reading about your week!