Sunday, July 15, 2012

Simply Healthy Veggie Soup

Since our weekend consisted of our usual play,

and a few errands to Target, Trader Joe's and Windmill Farms,
I decided to share an amazing {and SO simple!} soup recipe with you.
{I know what you're thinking, "soup! In the middle of SUMMER!?!...
but that's how I roll...}

I received this recipe from my manager at work.
She wanted to incorporate healthier soup options on the menu,
and I just happened to be around to try all the samples!

I've made two different versions so far.
Just follow the main steps, and substitute different veggies.

carrot soup topped with cholula

Recipe for Simple {and Healthy} Veggie Soup

2 tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper
1 [brown or yellow] onion
1 baking potato [peeled and diced]
2 lbs broccoli [cut into small chunks]
1 can [14.5oz] chicken broth ( I used my home made chicken stock for this)

Saute onion in olive oil, salt and pepper.
Cook about 5-7 minutes until soft.
Just 3 ingredients!
Add potato and broccoli.
Add 4-5 cups water.
Add chicken broth.

Bring all this to a boil then simmer until the veggies are fork tender. [approx 30 mins]

If you have an immersion blender I'm jealous, use this to puree until smooth.
But, if your like me and need to use a blender that's no problem
{I managed with my magic bullet}
Add soup in batches to blend, then transfer to a separate pot or bowl until complete.

simmer away

Add more S&P, or any seasoning that suits you.  {Paprika is delish!}
I also {no surprise here} enjoy it topped with cholula.


{This recipe lists broccoli, but carrot and cauliflower are good substitutes}

Can you think of any other good substitutes for broccoli? 

sprinkling of paprika
the next day I added cholula and tomato sauce, even better!

Those two picture above really are the same soup, I think the black bowl made the soup look lighter.
Also, If I had to guess..
this recipe yields nearly 6 bowls of soup. {remember that's a guess.. I didn't measure it out}

The nugget helped with cleanup:

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