Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday Tidbits

Some random Saturday tidbits...

We found a new park to visit that is really close to home.
It's small, but perfect.
It's in an artsy, older part of town.
A new fave in our swing books!

She just loves crawling up playground stairs!

sand box!

We went back the very next day so we could show the hubs our "neighborhood" park.


Afternoon play-dates are a thing of the past.
We now have breakfast play-dates!
7:30 am is the best time to play!

despite the serious faces, the babes had FUN!


The nugget and I ventured to the lake for a run Friday morning.
One word: HUMID!
Sweaty runs, gotta love 'em.
Doesn't it just look humid in this picture?

We played for a bit at the lake, but there was an abundance of flies, so 
{no surprise here...}
we found a nearby park!


If you are still wondering who is faster, 
the tortoise or the hare?

Look no further.

According to the NY Post,

Some turtles in Georgia showed that its better to think fast than to move fast.
The plucky reptiles managed to make a low-speed dash to freedom from a turtle farm after vandals ripped a hole in a fence that was penning them in.
The 1,600 turtles made it hundreds of feet to the safety of nearby lakes before anyone noticed they had gotten away.

Read more:

Rock on turtles!!

Happy Saturday!

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