Sunday, July 8, 2012

We went to a party

We started our day with a bright awakening at 4:30.
We decided if we had to be up, we should get things done.
To name a few: clean and re clean house/backyard, ran to windmill for some produce, ate ice cream and knocked out some cake pops for the party.

The party was for our friend Doug who turned 40.

The event took place at an "apartment" located on top of Pizza Port.

We ate {a lot} of food...

I may not be able to look at this pic again... I'm going to want ^ that {again} tomorrow!!

Nugget crawled on the table ate too!

Since the nugget was lacking a bit of sleep, our party time was cut short.

Since we knew nugget would fall asleep in the car, I grabbed some "party favors".

snacky snack for the car 

Both nugget and myself grabbed a few zzz's {of course nugget grabbed a few more}.

After my jackinthebox pizza ice cream and cookie meal yesterday, and the above treats today,
I feel like drowning my body in green leafy veggies and fruit for the next week!
We'll see how that goes...

What was your excitement for the weekend?

I leave you with a few  more party pics...

cake pops and box display made by yours truly!


  1. I love that you are blogging more!

  2. I'm glad your happy about it!
    fourth of July resolution, ya know!