Sunday, May 6, 2012

bust out

I figured my Saturday run would turn out similar to my last two runs... 

Tuesday run: neighborhood out and back x 2
2.45 mi 00:24 09:48 pace I didn't feel like doing much more...

Wednesday run: down by the bay where the watermelons grow with nugget 
2.09 mi 00:20 09:34 pace
gotta do what I have time for... run with Elli in stroller. Beautiful by the bay

beautiful sights at the bay

my ship resting in the harbor

{2 milers} 

but my body decided it wanted to bust out one of these...
6.21 mi 01:02 10:00 pace
Was in quite the runnig mood today and decided at mile 5 to bust out a 10k today

I was really thrilled about this run and kept thinking a personal 10K was in order before my big 10K.
This was the first time I ran around the SDSU campus {Saturday = no students to battle}. It's quite picturesque and it may just be frequented {by my running legs} more often.

<---my finger made an appearance

I ran on the bike path so I wouldn't knock over any students

A celebratory refueling breakfast was in order...

oat and flax, banana and strawberry pancakes; topped w/ PB

Today is all about resting these weary legs... 
 whilst playing with this beauty:

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