Saturday, May 26, 2012

saturday tidbits

Some random Saturday tidbits...

Yesterday, I was able to experience something that doesn't happen {nearly enough} in San Diego.

A run...
   in the rain!
Well, not a lot of rain.
More like a mist.
But it was FUN!

Maybe I'm just crazy...


I'm glad the nugget got some playtime outside before the rain

Picnic before play

Some lady making GINORMOUS bubbles!

Play time

Nugget LOVED climbing up these stairs,,,
whilst watching the older kids play

On a side note:
As you see, nugget is wearing a gray shirt/socks and blue pants. 
Goodness forbid I dress her in anything but pink and she becomes a "boy".
Oh, how old is HE?
HE's so cute!
What's HIS name?  {te he the expression I get when I tell them!! }



Von's had a great Friday deal

I love a nice package

Deal bought. Campfire on!


A delicious snack fell upon my toaster oven. 

In our dwindling supply of fresh eats, I discovered a zucchini.

I julienned that bad boy up, tossed 'em on a cookie sheet 
{the teeny one for the toaster oven}, 
added some pepper jack cheese, 
broiled til cheese bubbled (about 5 minutes)...
aaaaand cue new obsession!!

Try it! You won't be disappointed!

Happy Saturday!

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