Wednesday, May 2, 2012

juice... fast!

Inspired by this movie...

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead
The hubs is going on a juice fast,

{and I'm going to tell you all about it!!}

I highly recommend seeing this movie.
For those who have Netflix, you can queue it up right on your computer!

I'm excited to see what happens,
how he does with it,
and of course...
try all his juices!

{errr from the juicer via the fruits and veggies...}{mind outta the gutter people!!}

Start date: May 1st.
Start weight: 210

The fridge is stocked.

Green Juice

The hubs said the first day was not as bad as he thought it would be.
He did suffer some moments where he was "starving".
To curb the caffeine withdrawal he consumed a vast amount of water alongside the juice.

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