Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Maybe it's because I had the right fuel today.

 2 cups of coffee + bowl of cheerios w/ banana + 2 Twizzlers
(mug source)

Maybe it's because I  actually got 8 hours of {almost} uninterrupted sleep.

Pic of nugget sleeping is MUCH cuter than a pic of yours truly

Maybe it's because the past two weeks have been sucktastically low and slow mile runs.
[so would that be recovery, rest? Since it seemed to happen right after my 10K?]

Past two weeks:

  1. RUN
    alright2.06 mi 00:20 09:28 pace
    Track run w/ Elli in stroller.
  2. RUN
    alright2.66 mi 00:24 08:54 pace
    kind of a blah week of running...
    waited to late to run today so it was a bit too warm
  3. RUN
    goodmi 00:18 09:07 pace
    ran w/ Elli in stroller, hot at the beach today!
  4. RUN
    alright2.25 mi 00:23 10:06 pace
    Track run with Elli in stroller .

Maybe it's because I went early enough in the morning that the marine layer was still laying low.

6:30 am run = cool + desolate

Maybe it's because I found a Jackson {$$} (!) laying on the street.

lunch on me!

But whatever the reason,
my run today

I felt like I could run all day....
I made myself stop at 4 {miles} so I wouldn't over do it.

Or, Maybe it's just 'cause I'm awesome... 

True story.

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  1. Good Job and Spotting that $20!!!

    BTW...been craving Twizzlers. Now I must have some! (true story)