Friday, May 4, 2012


Juice update:
Day 2 weigh in: 202
Day 3 weigh in: 199
Total weight lost in 3 days: 11 lbs

The hubs said he probably couldn't juice stomach any more carrots! He would much rather eat them. Wavering last night about continuing, the hubs made an apple/orange juice this morning, then hung up his green hat!

What does this mean and why even juice?

The hubs certainly cleaned out his system from the toxic-over processed-junk food that plagues most of us.
He is not over-weight by any means, but wanted to develop a better craving for all thing fruits and veggies.
Meals will consist of fruits, veggies, beans, and {unsalted} nuts; and a juice a day to amp up the required amount of F & V.

I am proud he made it three days!
10 {days} (IMO) is a long time!
I would love to give it a go someday, but currently need my energy for all things nugget { and running}, but plan on having one juice a day (whilst working on my run on sentences)

ahhhh...solid food

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  1. He is a better man than me. I have tried "juicing" many times to no avail! Juicing is a cruel and unusual punishment if you ask me! ( although awesome in theory)