Monday, May 14, 2012

life's a picnic

After a 3.25 mile run, some healthy hearty chocolate chip, strawberry banana oat and flax (say that 3 x fast!!) pancakes, and the required amount of coffee;  the hubs, nugget and I hit the road for LAla land.

what do you get when you cross the I-5 N with a car?
Albeit the photo, and the fact we stopped a few times on a FREEWAY, we made pretty good time.

Upon arrival at the Sis's, our grumbling stomachs delivered us to TJ's where we stocked up on plenty of picnic worthy snacks...

not shown: approx. 16 more food items

We snacked. played, shivered (windy and cold day), and snacked some more; whilst ketchup catching up on life.

Mel (sis) and Mark (finding leftover food??)
The hubs and nugget playing in the background

the nugget and Uncle Mark

It was a day full of awesomeness.
A day I decided that each Mother's Day should be a picnic!
    Cause, Hey!, life's a picnic. <--- insert corniness here.

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