Tuesday, May 8, 2012

early start

So this morning started out like any other morning, the nugget and I were rudely awakened by the howling from a wolf Buster!
the culprit

The time 4:30am.
And do you think nugget felt like sleeping after that?
No can do'sville!

With the coffee on and the breakfast had, nugget and I set out for a track run, whilst the hubs made a Lowes trip.

The time 630 am

Returning from an exciting 2.25 miles on a circular hamster wheel, nugget was full of energy! { even though I was hoping for a nap ( nugget- not me <--- although that'd be nice...)}


We played, then nugget napped from 830-9 {looooong nap!}

Snicker doodles got made whilst the hubs planted an avocado tree {woot} and fenced.

Not this fencing


After a quickie lunch of yummy eggplant cutlets, nugget was ready for another {LoNGER nap}!

delicious! Thanks for creating these TJ!

Thank goodness because we have a party dinner to attend!


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